The Coastal Waves Dishcloth - A Free Pattern

In the spring of 2018, as the weather began to warm up, I found myself needing to make something other than winter toques. I had some cotton yarn and started playing around with samplers of different stitch combinations. My goal was to take something basic, like a dishcloth, and use particular stitches to make it into something cute. It gave me the chance to try new stitches and challenge my math skills with combining stitches in ways that fit together. With some trial and error, I landed on this pattern for the Coastal Waves Dishcloth and I couldn't be happier with it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


5.50mm crochet hook

Worsted weight (4) cotton yarn

Tapestry needle


Stitches Used:

Chain, Slip Stitch

HDC: half double crochet

HHDC: herringbone half double crochet

Shell Stitch: 5 double crochets per stitch

Chain 19

Row 1: HDC in second ch from hook, HDC across (18)

Row 2-18: Ch 1, turn. HHDC in turning ch and each st across (18)

Ta-da! The base of your dishcloth is finished. Time for the border!


Turn your dishcloth lengthwise, so you now have a rectangle with the long side on top and short sides on the right and left.

Place 5 double crochets in the nearest space to create your first shell stitch.

Skip two spaces and place a single crochet where your shell stitch naturally falls.

Skip a space, then repeat the shell stitch again.

Do this the entire border of your dishcloth.

Note: You should be able to fit 5 shell stitches on the long sides, and 4 shell stitches on the short sides. If you fit more or less don't worry about it, as long as your sides are symmetrical!

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